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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to court in order to submit my claims?

No, I will prepare your forms and claims, and file on your behalf.

What counties do you work in?

Santa Clara Co. , San Francisco Co. , Alameda Co. , Santa Cruz Co. , Monterey Co. , Contra Costa Co. , and San Benito Co.

How will I be charged?

Since every service is different, pricing will vary on the amount of paperwork and hours I will need to take on your case.

I just need a notary signature. Is this possible?

Yes! Gonzalez Legal Services also offers notary services! Come on in!

I do not speak English very well. Can I still come in for a consultation?

Of course! Gonzalez Legal Services is a bilingual business.

Does Gonzalez Legal Services offer Power of Attorneys?

Yes we do!

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